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Friday we went to Pompeii

but we couldn't climb Mount Vesuvius for fear of being struck by lightening.

sunny 25 °C

At 5:30am we got up and started getting ready for our 13 hour tour of Pompeii!

Pompeii was on my top 5, I couldn’t wait to get onto the bus and start our big day ahead.

When we got on the bus at 7am we got the news that we were going to climb up Mount Vesuvius. Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano and some scientists say the next eruption will be big. This sounded so cool and I knew it was going to be an awesome day.

After an hour or two, we stopped at Cassino for a coffee and donut. Cassino is where a lot of New Zealand soldiers were killed in the war.


Then we got back on the bus. I had just said to Mum and Dad that I couldn’t wait to climb the Volcano, I was super excited!

But as usual I spoke too soon. The guides just got a phone call that they had closed the volcano because of the weather forecast. Last month a student from France got hit by lightning on the top of the Volcano, he was put into a coma. Now they are very cautious because of it.


The plan B was to go to a museum in Naples….


Can you imagine? Going to a museum instead of climbing an active volcano! Yeah my thoughts exactly.

We spent 1 1/2 hours just looking at the museum in our own time. We saw some pots, pans, cups, plates, combs etc that used to belong to people in Pompeii and around it. My favourite things in there were the dice and knuckle bones. Two things that we play with today. Nothing has changed.


We also saw some very impressive glass wear.


These really interested dad. Some of them had beautiful paintings on them, some had patterns on them and carvings. We also saw some pretty impressive muffin tins. They are exactly what Grandma needs!


We also saw lots of art. My favourite pieces of art were the mosaics. Some of the pictures used over 1million little pieces of coloured tiles. I really enjoyed looking at them.


I was starting to get very hungry. Good thing next stop was lunch! You may not know but, I am really over pizza. I have pizza for lunch AND tea almost each day we go out. I have been eating it so much that I am starting to look like one!

Guess what was for lunch? Yep pizza.

After lunch we went to the Archaeology site of Pompeii. Pompeii was a seaside town of around 20,000. It was also a rich farming town. In 79 AD, Mt Vesuvius erupted. Firstly the gas poisoned everyone and then the ash settled and buried the town under 20m of ash. Pompeii remained hidden and preserved until 1778. Our guide said Pompeii is still like a town today. You can walk through the streets and go into spas and theatres.

First we saw a cemetery. It was just cubbey holes in the ground. Families got cremated and were put in there together. They were the size of a toaster.


We walked in through a gate to get into the actual city. We could see the big Amphitheatre and Mount Vesuvius.


The guide told us about Pompeii and how they used to live. He also showed us the only dog who survived the eruption. Of course it was just a tourist’s pet dog!

We walked around to the small amphitheatre that was actually an early opera house. The bricks were all originals.

Then we walked into the big amphitheatre where they held comedies and shows. Pink Floyd played there in the 1970s. The guide said… they put another brick in the wall. If you would like to watch just put “Pink Floyd Live Pompeii” into Google. Some of the seats in the amphitheatre were original marble seats.

From the top of the amphitheatre you could have a very clear view of Mount Vesuvius and some of the town. We were very lucky, because one of the tour guides sung some fantastic opera for us in the amphitheatre.


We wondered out onto the street to find the whole shape of the city left almost as it was in 79 AD. There were main roads, side alleys, houses, workshops and Villas in the town. I really liked the pedestrian crossing because it has a cool meaning to it.


In 79 AD they didn’t have sewerage systems so the “waste” went down the road. They people walking who had to cross the road didn’t want to stand in it. There are 3 stones between each pavement so the people could get to the other side without stepping in waste.

They also had take-a-aways in Pompeii. They cooked the meal in a big terracotta pot and people used to get some to have at their houses for tea.


We had a look at a female and male spa. In the male spar we could see petrified people and original ceiling paintings.

In the Females bathroom we could see the thickness of the walls and the original mosaics floor.


People died in the street from the gas poisoning. Their bodies were then covered in ash. As the bodies slowly decayed over the centuries, they left perfectly shaped cavities of their bodies. When these cavities were found, they filled them with plaster, and now they have molds of the dead people. They even have one of a dog.


Then the guide pointed out were the town market was. Sort of an open air mall! Mackenzie seemed very interested in this area, so Mum and I had to join her.


We had some free time to take some photos then we got back on the bus to Rome.


Pompeii was so much fun.

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The casts of the bodies are amazing - it is all so fascinating. Shame about not climbing Mt Vesuvius but I guess its health and safety.

by Erin

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