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Last day in Singapore

sunny 31 °C

Another hot day in Singapore. We have spent the day at Universal Studios and have returned to our hotel waiting for a shuttle to take us to the airport. The girls are in the pool, and we are spending our last Singaporean dollars at the bar.

This morning I had to be back to the hospital at 9.00 am to get my elbow dressed. Meanwhile the shuttle to Universal Studios was picking the girls up at 9.00. The plan was to meet them there.

I left the hotel at 8.30 in a taxi, arriving 10 minutes later at the hospital. They took me straightaway, both doctor and nurse, dressed it, and sent me on my way. Quick taxi ride back to the hotel, and arrived at 9.00 am just into time to make the shuttle. A&E health care in Singapore leaves NZ in the dust. Although not sure if A&E in Invercargill has an EFT-POS machine. $75 to get the elbow dressed.

Impressions of Singapore:

Hot & humid
Relatively expensive food & drink.
Cheap taxis
Fantastic A&E, although would prefer not to know that.
Accommodating people but not overly friendly.
Mix of colonial roots and modern expression of Asian wealth.
Health and safety of employees not a top priority. Welding without a visor and gloves at Zoo and lots of people going to work sitting on the back of flat deck trucks travelling on the motorways.

Photo below is the girls lounging in the lobby of the hotel last night after getting out of the pool.



Universal Studios

Universal Studios

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Heard of Raffles Hotel?

..... what about Raffles Hospital?

32 °C

We passed through Christchurch without any hassle, and boarded our plane for Singapore. Pete & Ange Bosworth and John Gadsby were also on the plane. Pete was a member of the mighty Morrison Park cricket team in Timaru that I played in 24 years ago.

The flight was good, but looooong. Just over 10 hours. We were pleased to get off.

As you can see, Fern enjoyed the in flight entertainment.


Cleared immigration without too much hassle, and connected with our shuttle to the hotel.

Checked in and headed out into the heat for dinner about 8.00 pm local time. Went down to the Singapore River, Clarke Quay. Wall to wall restaurants and bars. Had a Thai meal, and then forced ourselves to do a River boat cruise. We were tired, hot and bothered. The cruise was part of our Stopover package so we did it. It was great. Beautiful breeze off the water and from the boat movement. Audio history of Singapore and the night lights were stunning.


Headed back to our hotel, literally out on our feet. As we set off on foot, I swung my arm round to put on a back pack and hit my elbow on the metal edge of an advertising hoarding. I sliced open the soft part of my elbow. Blood everywhere. We got to the hotel and the Concierge had a go at patching it, but in the end he bundled us into a taxi for the Raffles Hospital.

Into the 24 Emergency room to wait for a doctor. Three stitches, one tetanus injection and $350 later, we got back in a taxi back to our hotel. Finally fell into bed at 11.30, 23 hours after having got up.

Must say though the Emergency department was brilliant. Great service. In and out in just under an hour. We will have to give them a good rating on Trip Advisor.

That was yesterday. Today we were up early and off to the Zoo to have breakfast with the Orangutans. Spent the morning and early afternoon at the Zoo which was great. Orangutans, elephants baboons and the polar bear were the highlights.




Spot the Flamingos. One Flamingo is more stunning than the other. You choose


We came back to the Hotel for the girls to swim in the pool then hit Orchard Road for the shops, stopping off for a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel.

One of the taxi drivers drivers said today that Singapore only has 3 seasons. Hot, hotter and hottest. Today's season was apparently hotter.

Early night tonight. Tomorrow I go back to the hospital to get my elbow dressed and will meet up with the girls at Universal Studios.

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Fern's blog

semi-overcast 8 °C

Hi I'm Fern. I am Class 7NA's mascot, and I am hitching a ride across the world to Singapore, UK, Ireland, France and Italy with Madison. I need to report back to the class on a regular basis.


This morning I left Invercargill airport for Christchurch and on to Singapore. P1010668.jpgWe were told that the latest check in at Invercargill was 6.00 am. We turned up on time and the airport was closed. They didn't open until about 10 past 6. I wonder if we will strike those problems at Singapore's airport and London Heathrow.

We are currently sitting in the departure lounge at Christchurch. Mackenzie is shopping at duty free. No surprise there!

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Peter's top 5

A different London experience!!

Hi everyone

One more sleep. It’s been a long time coming. As Marg said Riverton for her 40th is not quite Paris, so this has become a non negotiable. Paris for her 50th was the payback. Well Marg’s not 50 yet. However the girls will be getting into the serious part of schooling with exams etc when she does turn 50. I won’t say how young Marg is, but 48 is the new 40!! (I’m in trouble already and haven’t left home yet.)


My top 5:

• Doing all the things in London I didn’t do when I lived there and not doing all the things I did do when I lived there.
• Canal boat from Hilperton to Bath.
• Avignon.
• Paris
• Showing the girls some of their heritage. The Flannery homestead in Ireland where my Great Grandfather and his 4 brothers (I think) left to come to New Zealand, the house in Goole (Yorkshire) where my Grandmother, Mum and her 8 siblings left to reunite with my Grandfather after he jumped ship in Port Chalmers.... and no he wasn’t a convict. And Marg’s Grandfather’s home area, of which we know very little.

Anyway we can’t wait.

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Marg's Top 5

Riverton or Paris.....

Hi everyone and welcome to our travel blog – how exciting!

This trip has been three years in the planning, well actually probably nearly 8 years if the truth is known. I had said to Peter that I would like to go to Paris for my 40th birthday and ended up with lunch in Riverton instead! So this is it now.

It is extremely hard to pick only 5 places that I am looking forward to visiting, but here goes...

1. Paris
2. Madame Tussauds
3. Rick Steins Restaurant
4. West Calder / Edinburgh
5. Hampton Court Palace

West Calder and Edinburgh are of special interest as this is where my Grandfather came from originally in the early 1900’s and as yet none of his descendants have been there.

Hope you enjoy our updates and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Mackenzie's Top 5

My Thoughts Before I Go

Hello and welcome to our Family Travel Blog. My name is Mackenzie and I am the eldest child in my family. I have never been overseas before so I am really excited for our Families trip to Europe (oh and Singapore). With only 4 days till we go away I thought I would tell you the top 5 things I’m most looking forward to and why!


I am most looking forward to Singapore because of the cleanness of the country, the heat, food, activities and of course… the shops! I myself, a keen shopper, have already been online and done some research on what shops I want to go to. For example, one mall that I am dying to go to has over 300 shops! We are only staying in Singapore for two days, so we are trying to do as much as we can, like Universal Studies, Breakfast with Orangutans (and snakes) and looking around the zoo!


I am really looking forward to London because of all of the new things I will experience and all of the fun activities we are doing. The thing I am most excited about in London is Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds is a kind of like a museum, except for the fact that it is filled with very life like Wax Celebrities. I can’t wait to get my picture taken with the Queen!


I have always wanted to go to DisneyLand, and I super excited to find out we were going to the French version! Did you know that they have Starbucks AND McDonalds in DisneyLand? That’s ridiculous! Anyway, I hope to go on all the rides, especially the big thrill ones!


While we are in London we are going to go see The Lion King & The Phantom Of The Opera. Im looking forward to dressing up, watching the shows and going to Her Majesties Royal Theatre.


I know I sound like a real fatty but honestly I am so excited about going to France and having Frogs Legs, going to Singapore and having Asian food and going to Scotland and having Haggis. Honestly how cool will that be?!?

Once I am back from Overseas I will do this again and say what my top 5 favourite things were and see how they compare. Thanks For Reading My First Post

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Madison's Blog

Madison's top 5

Madison’s Blog Entry

Welcome to our family’s travel blog, I am Madison.

I am really excited about going overseas and seeing how big somethings will be. For example crowds, planes, trains, landmarks and even hotels!

My favourite place we are staying in is the Loft With Terrace in Paris. It has a view of the Eiffel Tower and it is just down the road! It will have some great photo opportunities.

Dad would like us to write down our top 5 places before we go and compare those to our top 5 places once we have finished the trip.

I don't think I will be able to fit it all in but here goes…


My Top 5:

1. Singapore Zoo - Breakfast With The Orangutans and maybe Night Safari
2. Natural History Museum - London
3. Theme Parks - Universal Studios (Singapore), Disneyland Paris, Harry Potter World (London).
4. France - Just all of it!
5. Pompeii

I am taking my classes ‘Mascot’ overseas with me. Her name is Fern and she is a sheep. This is her first trip overseas ( Actually it isn’t she was probably made in China). You will see some of her adventures on this blog. Thank you Mrs Allen for Fern.

We have already packed our suitcases and we are ready to leave.

Thank you for reading my first blog entry,


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