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Sunday we packed and started our trip home 16.09.2014
Saturday was our last full day in Rome 16.09.2014
Friday we went to Pompeii 16.09.2014
Thurdsay - the ancient sites of Rome 13.09.2014
Wednesday was our final day in Florence 12.09.2014
Tuesday and we headed to Venice for the day 11.09.2014
Monday and we did a half day tour of Florence 11.09.2014
Sunday we wandered the streets of Florence 10.09.2014
Saturday was Au Revoir France 07.09.2014
Friday was our last chance to see Avignon 05.09.2014
Thursday we headed for the hills 05.09.2014
Wednesday we headed for the Mediterranean 03.09.2014
Tuesday was explore Avignon day 02.09.2014
Monday we ventured out into the surrounding districts 02.09.2014
Sunday: sun, swimming, shopping and relaxing! 01.09.2014
Au Revoir Paris.... 31.08.2014
Arty Friday 31.08.2014
Thursday we hopped on and off the bus 29.08.2014
The Louvre and Eiffel Tower part 2 28.08.2014
Wednesday - Tour of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower 27.08.2014
Tuesday in gay Paris 27.08.2014
Monday...Euro Disney! 26.08.2014
J'adore Paris en été 26.08.2014
Saturday we looked around Canterbury 26.08.2014
Friday was a long day...we headed for Canterbury 25.08.2014
Thursday we checked in with Doc Martin 23.08.2014
Wednesday we headed for Tintagel 22.08.2014
Tuesday we went to Stonehenge 21.08.2014
Monday and it was back to Bath 21.08.2014
Sunday we toured Bath from the boat 20.08.2014
Saturday and we went to Bath 19.08.2014
Friday we went to three countries in one day 18.08.2014
Thursday we spoke a lot of Blarney 16.08.2014
Wednesday we headed for Cork 15.08.2014
Tuesday and we toured Galway 15.08.2014
Monday we traced the Flannery history 13.08.2014
Sunday was the day we toured Dublin 13.08.2014
The Day We Came To Ireland 13.08.2014
Friday and we headed south to Ayrshire 09.08.2014
Thursday we headed for Loch Lomond 08.08.2014
Wednesday we headed for Inverness 08.08.2014
Fern hits Scotland 07.08.2014
Tuesday 5 August 2014 - Tracing our Scottish Ancestory 06.08.2014
Monday and we went to the Edinburgh Tattoo 06.08.2014
Sunday Was The Day We Saw Beatrix Potter's House 05.08.2014
Saturday we drove through the Yorkshire Moors and Dales 04.08.2014
Friday we were in York 04.08.2014
Thursday was the day we traced Nana's heritage 02.08.2014
Fern's Trip to Stratford Upon Avon 30.07.2014
Wednesday was the day we went to Blenheim House 30.07.2014
Shakespeare's Home Town 30.07.2014
Monday was a day from hell.... 29.07.2014
It was Sunday, so we went to Hampton Court 29.07.2014
The day we saw the Crown Jewels.... 27.07.2014
A Day at the Natural History Museum 27.07.2014
Fern says London's a scary place 27.07.2014
Fern's been out and about 26.07.2014
The day Prince Andrew came out to play 26.07.2014
Mackenzie's trip so far. 25.07.2014
So we aren't the only ones who came to London on holiday!! 24.07.2014
Last day in Singapore 22.07.2014
Heard of Raffles Hotel? 21.07.2014
Fern's blog 20.07.2014
Peter's top 5 19.07.2014
Marg's Top 5 19.07.2014
Mackenzie's Top 5 15.07.2014
Madison's Blog 12.07.2014